EA Types 30 to 39


EA Type 30

EMC 2015.0398


The forehead/nose, eye, cheek, lips and ear all appear typical of an R8 obverse. This type of R8 coins have the runes EA facing outwards in a clockwise direction reading down from the top. The coins of the type 30 group have quite crudely executed artwork and are often struck off centre. Specimens have the typical LOLII standard. Like the obverse of this type the reverse is very crudely executed. There were eight coins in this type. Three were found in Norfolk, ID 33 weighing 0.73g, ID 49 weighing 0.91g and ID 50 weighing 0.99g. Three were found in Cambridgeshire, ID 58 no weight, ID 63 weighing 1.00g and ID 65 weighing 0.84g.  One was found in Suffolk ID 47 weighing 1.11g and one found in Lincolnshire ID 48 weighing 0.89g. The average weight of Type 30 coins was 0.935g.





EA Type 32

Image only shows position of Runes. To see image of actual coin see image number 1999.0006 Early Medieval Corpus on-line database at the Fitzwilliam Museum Cambridge.


The runes EA read in a clockwise direction and face outwards, the nose is pointed. On the reverse there is a crown on the top of the standard, other features are typical of the LOLII design with the exception of a pellet within the standard. This single coin was found in Norfolk   ID 37 and weighed 0.96g.



+EA Type 35

T&S Plate 24/412    HCR 20780

To view image of coin see. http://hcr.ashmus.ox.ac.uk/coin/


This type has the runes +EA reading clockwise and facing outwards, there is an unidentified character before the E rune. The head/nose is of a rectangular design and the reverse is a typical LOLII configuration. All three coins of this type were found in Norfolk, ID 8 weighed 0.73g, ID 46 weighed 0.92g and ID 54 weighed 0.66g. The average weight of the three coins was 0.77g.