Find Spots of R8 & R8R Sceatta


Exact locations of find spots are not always available as some detectorists don’t like to disclose their search areas in detail for a variety of reasons. Consequently, dealers aren’t always given a full provenance to pass on to the purchaser.


Below are listed the find spots of coins identified as R8’s & R8R’s on the EMC database, the British Museum collection, the Ashmolean collection and the Tony Abramson collection. Out of the seventy-one coins researched fifty-six had locations recorded. One coin had a find spot which appeared to be in two non-adjoining counties! Only those with confirmed locations have been recorded below.


100% = 56

Norfolk twenty-one R8s and four R8Rs, a total of 25 coins, 44.64%

Suffolk eleven R8s and two R8Rs, a total of 13 coins, 23.21%

Cambridgeshire seven R8s and one R8R, a total of 8 coins, 14.28%,

Lincolnshire three R8s and two R8Rs a total of 5 coins 8.92%,

Leicestershire two R8s 3.57%,

London one R8 1.78%,

North Yorkshire one R8 1.78%,

Hampshire one R8 1.78%,

There were 15 coins with no find spot given.




In chart below the R8 sceatta are in black type, the R8R are in Red.