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R7 R Series Sceatta

RHY Runes


R7 sceatta are one of the rarest of the R series continuum. The Fitzwilliam Museum Early Medieval Corpus database lists only eight examples, only two of these appear to be R7 coins with others possibly derivatives of the R7 type.


The British Museum Sylloge 63 by Gannon does not appear to contain any R7 examples.


Thrymsas & Sceattas vol. 3 by Metcalf shows two coins, 408 appears to be an R7 while 409 appears to be a derivative. Medieval European Coinage 8 shows two coins and references 408 & 409 but neither image appears to be those shown in T & S.


The Ashmolean shows one R7, HCR 20776 and one derivative HCR20777.


I have one R7 coin in my collection, however, as no find spot in known it does not appear in the EMC database.With such a small corpus it is difficult undertake meaningful research.The coin depicts the usual head without a pyrimidal neck on the obverse as would be expected in most of the Secondary Phase types. The reverse has a beaded standard with central annulet surrounded by two "L's" and two angled lines. The outsides of the standard have a cross pommee with a pellet on each side (see below).

I have recorded the coin in my sylloge as shown below.