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Good afternoon
I have been asked to show you my example of an East Anglian series R sceat. Thinking it is maybe an unknown die.

Kind regards Jason

Thanks very much for the comment Jason, for me to be able to contact you, you must leave me a contact email in the "Visitors Website" box.. It will not appear on the comment post as I moderate ALL comments before they appear on the page. I would be most interested to see a picture of your Sceat.
An interesting and informative study in to the R series coins, well done Chris!
A very informative and in depth analysis of the R8 type.....excellent
Congratulations on this innovative analysis - most thought provoking. Well done!
Let me be the first to congratulate you Chris. Thank you for all the informative talks you have given to Plymouth Numismatic Soc.
A lot of hard work Chris