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EA Bind Type 40 to 49



Type 40 EA Bind

T&S Plate 24/410    HCR 20778

To view image of coin see. http://hcr.ashmus.ox.ac.uk/coin/


This type has a rectangular forehead/nose typical of the R8 series. *Metcalf has listed this as PA Ligate, in this study it is interpreted as EA bind or ligate. The runes read clockwise and point  outwards. The mark to the right of the top right annulet does not appear to be a Rune. The reverse is a typical LOLII configuration. This single coin was found in the Cambridge Hoard ID 6 and weighed 1.03g. 


*Metcalf 1994, Plate 24, 410

Type 45 EA Bind

Timms Collection VH1


The only other coin with the configuration of symbols outside of the standard on the reverse  similar to this coin can be seen on the page showing a Type 31 sceat. The two coins both have the runic characters "EA", one in ligate or bind format the other with seperate characters.


This coin was not included in the original survey having been bought subsequently. It weighs 0.80g and has a die axie of 195°. No find spot was available therefore it can not be registered on the Early Medieval Corpus at the Fitzwilliam Museum Cambridge.


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