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R3 Class Allocation


This page contains information about Classes R3/10, R3/20, R3/30 and R3/35. These classes have Runic heads facing right on the obverse and a Beaded Standard containing "T's" above the central annulet on the reverse. Class 10 has the runes EPA and classes 20, 30 and 35 the runes GEPA.

Above EPA

Below GEPA


Class R3/10

ID 8  Timms Collection


Class R3/10 coin is pictured above. The obverse has the head facing right, this has a full crown. Behind the head is an annulet with a cross pommėe below it, this is unusual for a R3 coin. Also unusual for all R series coins is the beaded pyramid neck that has possibly five lines, two at the front and three at the back. The runes, although slightly malformed, read EPA. The reverse has the usual beaded standard. The bottom of the standard has the usual unbarred cross pommė, the right and left hand sides have only three pellets with no line to the furthermost pellet. Although not clear, the top of the standard appears to have a Tufa projecting out from it. There are extra pellets to the outside of the standard. The standard is offset to the right of the flan, at the top on the left there appears to be a Horn curving down, it is not possible to identify one on the left side. There are two “T’s” within the standard and below those two 45° lines, the “T’s” and angled lines end in pellets. A trefoil of pellets is below the centrally placed annulet, with a single pellet below each T. Die axis 0°, weight 0.88g.. One coin in the class ID 8, this coin is registered as EMC 2017.0074.


A further coin of this type was observed in July 2023. It is very similar in all aspects and may be a die match with the above coin. The die axis of this coin is 0°, the weight is 0.94g. No find spot is known so it can not be registered with the EMC. See image below.


Class R3/20

ID 7  Timms Collection


There was only one coin in the study in this class, ID 7 is registered as EMC 2017.0005. The coin has a right facing head with only a partially visible crown. Behind the head is a horizontal chevron above an annulet, there is a pellet in the annulet and some pellets below and behind the annulet. The runes GEPA are in front of the head, the rune M/"E" has a pellet within the void of M and the X/"G" rune is very small compared with the others.


There is a single large pellet in place of the lips. Other aspects of the obverse are typical of an R3 coin. The reverse has a large centrally placed standard, there are two “T’s” above two angled lines and two pellets below the central annulet. The standard has four corner angled lines on the outside. Mid way along each side is a “cross” ending in an annulet, there is a pellet either side of the annulet. Die axis 270°.



Class R3/30

ID 19

Again there is only one coin in this class, T & S 400/Plate 24. Metcalf 1994 records this coin as an Imitation “Muling” Type R3 with Series E.The head has behind it a horizontal chevron above an annulet. There is a double crown line above the head but no clearly visible crown. There are two pellets as lips and the usual four beaded pyramidal neck lines. The runes in front of the head are GEPA, there is a pellet within the bottom void of the M/"E". On the reverse is a beaded standard containing two “T’s” above two angled lines. There is a centrally placed annulet. Mid point along each side of the standard is a 90° line pointing outwards and ending in an annulet, there do not appear to be any pellets either side of the annulet. The standard is very large with the corners at or over the edge of the flan making it difficult to determine if there are any angled corner lines. Die axis 180°.

ID 5

Class R3/35

This coin is registered as EMC 2010.0019. The head is right facing and has the runes GEPA in front of the head. Behind the head is an annulet containing a pellet below a horizontal chevron. There are pellets behind the annulet. It has the earlier type R series "T's" in the standard on the reverse. In place of the more usual "unbarred cross pommée" on the end of the four mid point lines outside of the standard there are four annulets. There are two pellets below the central annulet within the standard. The coin weighs 0.89g and was found near Great Wilbraham, Cambridgeshire.