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R8R EA Type 230 to 234


 EA Type 230



Image only shows position of Runes. To see a picture of the actual coin, see image number 2015.0349 Early Medieval Corpus on-line database at the Fitzwilliam Museum Cambridge.


The runes before the square head, read anti-clockwise and face outwards. The reverse has the usual LOLII configuration of symbols. The single coin ID 64 was found in Suffolk and weighed 0.85g.


+EA Type 235


Abramson 11-130 R180. Image courtesy of Dr Tony Abramson


+EA BindType 237

 T&S Plate 25/417    HCR 20785

To view image of coin see. http://hcr.ashmus.ox.ac.uk/coin/


This type has runes EA in bind format preceded by an unidentified character before the rectangular shaped head. The runes are read in an anti-clockwise fashion. This type has a typical LOLII on the reverse. One coin, ID 29 was found in Suffolk and weighed 0.84g and the other ID 10 was of unknown origin, it weighed 0.77g.