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Data Charts from R4 Survey


Below are a series of Charts containing data from the survey enabling Classification of the R4 Sceatta.


Charts 1a & 1b

Survey Corpus


Chart 1a ID number 1 to 10

Chart 1b ID number 11 to 18

Charts with Obverse Data


Chart 2 Runes on Obverse

Runes above are E P A

Runes above are S P I

Runes above are TEPA

The capital T in front of the runes does not have a runic significance, there is no rune this shape in the Anglo-Saxon futhorc used at the time of the minting of this coin. It is perceived to be a capital T. Runes and ordinary letters were frequently mixed in text and in art.


Chart 3 Obverse Type



Charts with Reverse Data


Chart 4 Reverse Symbols




Chart 5 Reverse Type



Chart 6

Obverse / Reverse Class Allocation