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Variety 3 (Metcalf) “A” Towards Head above T Pointing away from Head


Metcalf Variety 3, an A pointing towards the head above a T pointing away from head, has thirteen coins in the group. They are in two quite distinct groups. Nine of the coins have only 45° lines emanating out from each corner of the standard. Four of the coins have downward pointing Horns both sides of the top of the standard on the reverse as well as the corner lines. Major parts of the iconography on coin ID 23 are not clearly visible, it has not been classified.


Coins ID 01, ID 04, ID 16 and ID 47 have very similar iconography, The A behind the head is above a T. The reverse is a typical R1 reverse. I have grouped these four into Class/type Timms R1/32. See diagram below


Coin ID 47 Timms Type R1/32


Coin ID 35 has pellets above the crown triangles on the obverse. There is no pellet in the central annulet on the reverse. This coin has been designated as Timms R1/34. See diagram below.



There are pellets above the crown on ID 32 and ID 34.  There is a pellet within the standard’s central annulet. These coins are allocated the number Timms R1/35. See diagram below.


The top of the standard is not visible on coin ID 17 and the “pellet” in the annulet is too small to be purposefully made, I think that this is an imperfection only. This coin has not been classified.


Some of the “Variety 3” coins have downward sloping horns at the top of the standard on the reverse, the next classification have horns at the top of the standard but the strike is offset to the top so any corner lines are not visible.


Coins ID 14 and ID 29 are in this group. There is not a pellet in the annulet on the reverse. They are allocated the number Timms R1/36. ID 30 is probably also in this group. See diagram below.


A further two coins, ID 37 and ID 41 have horns as well as corner lines, this group do have a pellet in the central annulet in the standard, they have been allocated the number  Timms R1/38. See diagram below.