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R1 Metcalf Variety Grouping and Timms Classification


Coin ID numbers are in the first column, the image source is in the second column and the Timms Classification is in the last column on the righthand side of the chart. Note that "Varieties" have a Timms Classification number similar to their original Variety, the exception is Variety 6/7 where both have been alloted the Timms number R1/60 to R1/69. Variety 8a has been allocated the Timms number R1/70 to R1/79.


Metcalf Variety 8b (the start of the R2 varieties) is allocated the Timms number R2/80 to R2/89. Variety 9 is allocated R2/90 to R2/99.The R2 coins are researched on another page on this website.