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R 10 Wigraed Wigrd Classification





R10 Wigræd / Wigrd Secondary Phase Sceatta


The name on R10 Sceatta  “WIGRÆD” is considered to be the name of the moneyer. The first letter, the runic “W” looks like a pointed capital P, this character is sometimes seen written back-to-front. The runic “I” is like a capital I. The runic “G” looks like a capital X. The rune “R” looks like an R that is pointed. The next rune that looks like a capital F with downward sloping “horizontal” lines is the rune Æ. The last rune,  the “D” has two vertical lines joined with an X in the middle. On coins with a right facing head the runes are written clockwise from the top downwards. On coins with a left facing head are read anti-clockwise from the top downwards. The name WIGRÆD is sometimes spelled WIGRD. Coins ID 27 and ID 41 were withdrawn from the research, the iconography not clear enough to classify.


There are 51 coins in the research, the majority of the coins have the longer WIGRÆD spelling, 20 have the abbreviated WIGRD. Ten coins have a left facing head. There are six different styles of iconography within the standard on the reverse. As with the other R Series research booklets I have produced, these elements form the basis for classifying the different types of the R10 continuum. The corpus is divided into six main groups;


Group One consists of coins with the runes WIGRÆD on the obverse and the elongated rune “Æ” (looking like a capital F with a long tail) forming the exergual element, sometimes exergual lines and pellets are to be seen. Bust facing Right.

Group Two is comprised of coins with the spelling of WIGRÆD in runes on the obverse and a double XX forming the exergual component. Sometimes the annulets contain a pellet within. Bust facing Right.


Group Three contains coins with the spelling in runes of the abbreviated spelling of WIGRD with the exergual element of XX. Other pellets sometimes are present  Bust facing Right.


Group Four has the full spelling of WIGRÆD. The Æ has a long tail forming part of the Exergual element. Bust is facing to the left. There is only one coin in this group.


Group Five has the full spelling of WIGRÆD, however, the bust/head is facing to the left. The exergual element of the iconography consists of two “X’s”. There are four coins in this group. The position of the pellets below the head varies.


Group Six includes the coins with the abbreviated spelling WIGRD, the bust/head faces to the left. Other elements of the iconography are similar to Group Four coins. Some coins have pellets in their annulets, some do not have pellets within the crown triangles. There are five coins in this group.


When attempting to classify a coin look at the obverse first of all. There are both right and left facing busts in all of the three Runic options. After deciding which  of the  options is most similar then look at the reverse. Most coins have a right facing bust, a few have left facing busts.




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Images of coins ID  01, 02, 03, 04, and 05 by permission of Dr T Abramson


Image of coin ID 06 by permission of Bob Green


Image of coin ID 53 by permission of Ype de Jong