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+EA Types 50 to 59



Type 50 +EA Bind

EMC 2015.0208


This type has +EA in bind format with an unidentified rune before, the runes tops point  outwards. *Metcalf shows a similar runic pattern. See also EMC 2009.0165, Brit Mus 63 670 & Abramson 175. If the primary rune, clockwise from the top is used to determine the Type this presents a problem as there is not a rune of this design in the Anglo-Saxon futhorc. There is the possibility that this could be a malformed N n nauáµ­iz as this is the only rune with an upward pointing right hand element. If this was so then the left-hand element would have to be missing. The head is the usual rectangular shape. The artwork could be said to be quite clumsy with less than clear definition. Again, as with the obverse side of coins in this group, the artwork on the reverse is crude. The main typical elements are all present. Ten coins are in this type. Four were found in Suffolk, ID 15 weighing 0.93g, ID 17 weighing 0.86g, ID 18 weighing 0.89g and ID 20 weighing 0.94g. Two found in Norfolk, ID 34 no weight and ID 62 weighing 0.86g. Two not known, ID 1 weighing 0.94g and ID 14 weighing 0.84g. One found in London ID 16 weighing 1.03g and one found in Hampshire ID 2 weighing 0.92g. Average weight of eight coins (two no weight) 0.912g. *Metcalf 1994,516


A further coin of this type was acquired in December 2021.The coin, pictured below, weighs 0.99g and has a die axis of 90°. It was found in Norfolk. The coin is ovoid in shape.

Timms Collection EMC 2021.0411



+EA Bind Type 52


The Obverse of the coin I have recently purchased is very similar to the Type 50 shown above. However, the Reverse has a different combination of symbols within the beaded standard hence the designation of "Type 52".. The images of Type 52 are shown below. This coin was not included in the original survey but added during Oct 2019.

CT 721 Type 52 Obverse


There is a symbol/rune above the Ligate/Bind EA rune. The "E" rune looks like a capital M and the "A" rune looks like a capital F, they are joined. This coin has three exergual lines below the Runic head/bust. There is possibly another annulet behind and above the eye but this is far from clear and has not been included in the diagram.



CT 721 Type 52 Reverse


The beaded standard contains two "L's" above the central annulet but only one angled line to the bottom left. There is a horizontal line to the bottom right of the central annulet, this is very unusual with the R8. It is much more common to see two angled lines.