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Description of Classes R3/90, R3/100, R3/105 and R3/110.


These Classes contain R3 coins with the runes EPA in front of the right facing head. They have "L's" within the beaded standard on the reverse.



Class R3/90

ID 11 Timms Collection


The coin in this class has only a chevron containing a pellet behind the head, there does not appear to be an annulet. There is possibly a symbol and a pellet above the chevron behind the ear. There are two pellets forming the lips. The back line of the beaded pyramidal neck is poorly defined. The runes read EPA, there is a pellet in the bottom void of the M. There is a pellet by the A rune, this may be the bottom part of the rune or could be a free standing pellet. The reverse is a typical R3 one with beaded standard, four corner angled lines and four mid point unbarred crosses pommėe. Inside the standard are two ”L’s” and two angled lines around a central annulet.



Class R3/100

ID 23 Image courtesy of Dr T Abramson


Behind the head this coin has a chevron with an annulet above and an angled “T” above that. Only one crown line is visible.  Three exergual lines are visible underneath the four line beaded pyramidal neck. Two pellets form the lips. The rune ends EPA appear to be Pattėe, the symbols behind the head look this way also. The symbols within the standard on the reverse are Pommėe. The symbols outside the standard look like typical R3 ones, however, the strike is offset to the bottom of the flan so that the bottom cross is not fully visible and the two pellets of the cross can not be seen. The central annulet has a small pellet within. Die axis 180°.

Class R3/105

ID 24 Timms Collection.

New addition. The above coin was not in the original survey but has been included as it is in a new type/class. There are two chevrons behind the head, there is an annulet in front and between the chevrons. There is a single pellet forming the lips and the eye is set very high in the head forming part of the crown line. The runes are EPA with a pellet within the base of the "M".The reverse has two "L's" above two angled lines around the central annulet all within the beaded standard. Outside the standard are four angled corner lines and an unbarred cross pommée mid point on each side. Weight 0.97g, die axis 0°.




Class R3/110

ID 10 Timms Collection


This coin is registered with the Fitzwilliam as EMC 2017.0359. There is an upward pointing chevron behind the head, below the chevron is an annulet which has three pellets behind and below it. A double crown line is above the head. The head has a large pointed nose to the front of which is what could be either a pellet or the very bottom of an X rune, I think that it is a pellet. The bottom rune, the  A rune, is either very poorly formed or missing, there is however a small mark below the "P" rune. The neck has two triangles of beaded neck, one within another. There do not appear to be any exergual lines. Although being offset to the left and top the reverse has what appears to be a typical format of symbols and pellets. Die axis 0°.