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R9 Sceatta measure approximately 12mm in diameter, smaller than a modern 5p piece. They weigh around 1.00gm, a 5p piece weighs 3.25gms. The photos and images of the R9’s on this page are much larger than the real coins! It is sometimes very difficult to interpret the iconography, in particular, the runes. These coins have been somewhat crudely hand struck and are over 1,250 years old. For most of their life they have been buried, suffering corrosion and abrasion, trodden on by heavy cattle, ploughed up and reburied then dug up by a detectorist. They now deserve to be looked after carefully and not cleaned vigorously or with toxic chemicals.


It is easy to show which is the “Top” of the coin on photos and images of the obverse. The reverses are shown with the Tufa at the “Top” of the coin. On coins that have four crosses to the outside of the standard (e.g. ID 18) the two L’s are shown above the two diagonal lines that are below the central annulet.