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R8R A/Clockwise Runes EPA Type 200 to 209


EPA Type 200



Image only shows position of Runes. To see image of the actual coin see image 680 Plate 29 in Gannon, A. 2013. Sylloge of Coins of the British Isles 63 British Museum Anglo-Saxon Coins 1, British Museum Press.


This type has runes that read EPA in an anti-clockwise fashion, these runes face outwards. The head has a rectangular shaped nose, two of the annulets on the obverse have pellets within them. A typical LOLII configuration is seen on the reverse. One of these three coins was found in Norfolk ID 55 weighing 0.76g another found in Lincolnshire ID 67 weighing 0.82g, and the other, find spot is not known, ID 27 weighing 0.71g. Average weight of three coins 0.763g.