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Rune Identification Images

On R8 sceatta the head is facing to the right.

On R8R sceatta the head is facing to the left.

R8 Images

A more comprehensive description and larger images can be seen on the "Type" pages.

Green Buttons on the lefthand side of the page.

Although the runes on Type 12 are similar to those on Type 10, on the Reverse the Type 12 has a Fantail or Tufa on the top of the Standard instead of the usual cross.


Types 13, 15, 32 and 85 have pointed noses on the face.


Extra Additions since Initial Study


A Type 31 coin is pictured on the 30 to 39 page, it has an obverse very similar to the Type 30 but with a clearly visible crown and on the reverse it has large pellets either side of the Pommèe Crosses projecting outwards from each side of the standard.


A Type 62 coin is pictured on the 60 to 69 page, it has a different Reverse to the Type 60 coin. The Standard on the reverse has unusual symbols within it, they are diagonally opposed "L's" and "/'s" instead of the more usual adjacent ones.


A Type 52 coin is pictured on the 50 to 59 page, it has a similar obverse to the Type 50 coin but the symbols inside the Standard on the reverse are different. One of the 45° angled lines is replaced with a short horizontal line pommée.


R8R Images

Types 240 and 248 have pointed noses on the face.

When searching the on-line Heberden Coin Room images at the Ashmolean Museum the following numbers must be used. See Links page for web address.


24/410 = 20778                       24/411 = 20779                       24/412 = 20780


25/413 = 20781                       25/417 = 20785


Images of the British Museum Coins can be seen in Sylloge 63 Gannon listed in Bibliography. Images are shown at the back of the book 661 to 665 on Plate 28 and 666 to 680 on Plate 29.