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Good evening, I am an archeologist working in the Netherlands. I met a detector amature who found a very nice sceat with a clear runic text on it. I looked at all the pictures on your great site, but I can't find an exact parallel. I think it is: A (or AE) - P - A (or AE, or E?) Can I send an email to you guys, so that you can have a look at it, please? I'd be delighted if you can tell me more. Sceats are quite common in our region. Thanks.

Rob van Eerden

Rob, I removed your email address before publishing this response, I may have copied it down wrongly as the email has been returned, sorry. Can you email me chris@christimms.com
Hello Chris,

I have a series R8 Sceat and I am trying to interpret the runes. I know it has EA in bind or ligate, bit before that it has something seperate else which I seem to think may be a stand alone H? I am very new to sceatta and have enjoyed reading all the information you have provided. If you would like you can reply to my email and I can send through a photo of the coin. Much appreciated and all the best.
I'll send you an email James
Good stuff. I've learned a lot.
Hello Chris, As the lockdown has effected my recording i have a sceat which i think is a little unusual here, as the condition is exceptional. It would appear to be a series D class 8/10
But on studying your website realise there will probably be more info you can supply me on the coin. Where does the Valdobertus example fit into this R8 series? Do you think some could be infact York or AN other Yorkshire mint?
Be interested to hear your thoughts after you have seen pics.
P.S Found your page via Mr Andy Gillis

Thanks for your message Stuart, To comply with anonimity regs the post is approved by me before it is published. That means that even I don't know your ID unless you tell me. When you contact me you must leave an email address for me to reply directly to you, I delete this before I approve the post and publish it. "Valdobertus" coins aren't in the R (Runic) secondary phase series but in the earlier A series primary phase group. I think it would be more beneficial for you to contact either Tony Abramson or possibly Rory Naismith, I only know a bit about the R series.
Good afternoon
I have been asked to show you my example of an East Anglian series R sceat. Thinking it is maybe an unknown die.

Kind regards Jason

Thanks very much for the comment Jason, for me to be able to contact you, you must leave me a contact email in the "Visitors Website" box.. It will not appear on the comment post as I moderate ALL comments before they appear on the page. I would be most interested to see a picture of your Sceat.
An interesting and informative study in to the R series coins, well done Chris!
A very informative and in depth analysis of the R8 type.....excellent
Congratulations on this innovative analysis - most thought provoking. Well done!
Let me be the first to congratulate you Chris. Thank you for all the informative talks you have given to Plymouth Numismatic Soc.
A lot of hard work Chris