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R5 XEPA Coin Classification


XEPA Coins

There were five coins in this group, however, one coin (ID 35) had no neck lines under the head on the obverse of the coin . As mentioned before, one of the main criteria for grouping coins used by Abramson in Sceatta List (p64) is the presence of neck lines in the group “Second block - secondary series”, this coin was excluded from classification into R5 types. Perhaps this coin should be catagorised in the “Third block - secondary series”. 


A two point crown was observed on three of the coins, two coins had a three point crown and on one coin the crown was only partially visible.  All of the coins had “T’s” in the standard on the reverse, all had a central annulet. See XEPA Chart 1.


XEPA Chart 1