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Description of Classes R3/120L, R3/130L and R3/140L


These Classes contain R3 coins with the runes XEPA in front of the left facing head. They have "L's" within the beaded standard on the reverse. Class numbers are followed by an "L" denoting a left facing head on the obverse.



Class R3/120L

ID 1  EMC 1997.0078


Coins in this class have the runes GEPA and have a pellet in the bottom void of the "M"/E. The head has two crown lines, there is possibly some evidence of a crown above the lines, this is not clear.. Behind the head is an annulet with a chevron containing a pellet above it. Certainly two but possibly three exergual lines are visible. The lips are represented by a single pellet. The reverse is a typical R3 one. Die axis not recorded on EMC database.Coin weighs 0.86g and was found at Whissonett Norfolk.



Class R3/130L

ID 21 EMC 2010.0020 Timms collection


This class has three crown lines above the left facing head. The runes are GEPA, the “X”/G is small and difficult to see, it is much more obvious on the coin of the same class ID 9, this also applies to the pellet within the "M"/E void. There is a chevron containing a pellet above an annulet behind the head. Two exergual lines are visible. The lips are a single quite prominent large pellet. The reverse shows a beaded standard with four angled corner lines. There are unbarred crosses pommèe projecting mid point from each side of the standard. The central annulet is surrounded by eight pellets and there are 4 “L’s” in each corner of the standard.  Die axis 270°. Coins ID 9 and ID 21 are a Die Match.



Class R3/140L

ID 20 Image by courtesy of Dr T Abramson


This class has two crown lines above the left facing head, to the front of the head are the runes GEPA, the “X”/G is much smaller than the other runes. The lips are a single large pellet. There are four beaded pyramidal neck lines above two curved and beaded exergual lines. The reverse has a typical R3 configuration of symbols both inside and outside the standard. Die axis 270°. Coins ID 14 and ID 20 are a Die Match.