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R1 Variety 1 (Metcalf) “A” Towards Head


I have Classified the coins in group “R1 Variety 1” as R1/10 to R1/19. There are nine coins in this group in the study. Six coins in this group had very similar iconography (ID 03, ID 06, ID 26, ID 27, ID 34, ID 38) and were classified as a  Timms R1/10. See  diagram below.



Coins ID 21, ID 42 and ID 43 have got a Pellet within the Annulet at the center of the Standard on the reverse. There are not any Annulets on the obverse. These coins have been classified as a Timms R1/12. See diagram below.



Coin ID 44  has very similar iconography to Timms R1/12 but with the addition of pellets above the crown, ii is classified as Timms R1/13. See diagram below.



Coin ID 24 has a “T” before the runes on the obverse, it is very unusual to see this combination in a “variety one” coin. All other aspects of the iconography appear to be as one would expect to see. There are extra pellets in between the crown triangles and one by the “T” above the runes. The horizontal “A” behind the head is quite small and has a very indistinct barring.  ID 24 has a typical reverse and is definitely a Variety One coin. I have classified this coin as a Timms R1/17. See diagram below.