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EPA Coin Classification

EPA Coins


The largest group of coins classified into Types had the runes EPA in front of the head, this group were then sub-divided by using the number of points on the crown. The EPA corpus that was classified amounted to twenty coins.


A two point crown was cut on eight coins. Again, a variety of symbols/letters were found behind the head. “T’s” featured in the standard on the reverse on all of the coins. For more details see EPA Chart 1.


A three point crown was observed on twelve coins. A variety of combinations of symbols and letters were found behind the head.  All of the coins had “T’s” inside the standard on the reverse, ten coins had four T’s and two coins had two T’s and two triangles of pellets. All coins had a central annulet or a central pellet in the standard. For more details see EPA Chart 2.


Runes EPA

Two Point Crown

EPA Chart 1.

Runes EPA

Three Point Crown  EPA Chart 2