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 EP Type 20 to 29


EP Type 20

EMC 2015.0157



Type 20 has the typical rectangular nose/forehead. The top of the runes point outwards and read clockwise from the top of the coin. This group has a typical LOLII standard on the reverse. Of the two coins in this type, one, ID 43 was found in Norfolk no weight recorded, and the other ID 60 was found in North Yorkshire and weighed 0.81g.



EP Type 25

T&S Plate 25/413   HCR 20781

To view image of coin see http://hcr.ashmus.ox.ac.uk/coin/


This type has a usual typical obverse. The runes read clockwise and their tops point outwards, there is an obvious crown showing above the head. The reverse has a typical standard and symbols outside the standard but has two L’s in diagonally opposite corners and two 45° lines in diagonally opposite corners inside the standard. This single coin ID 9 was found in the Cambridge Hoard and weighed 0.87g.