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Find Spots of R8 & R8R Sceatta


Exact locations of find spots are not always available as some detectorists don’t like to disclose their search areas in detail for a variety of reasons. Consequently, dealers aren’t always given a full provenance to pass on to the purchaser.


Below are listed the find spots of coins identified as R8’s & R8R’s on the EMC database, the British Museum collection, the Ashmolean collection and the Tony Abramson collection. Out of the seventy-one coins researched fifty-six had locations recorded. One coin had a find spot which appeared to be in two non-adjoining counties! Only those with confirmed locations have been recorded below.


100% = 56

Norfolk twenty-one R8s and four R8Rs, a total of 25 coins, 44.64%

Suffolk eleven R8s and two R8Rs, a total of 13 coins, 23.21%

Cambridgeshire seven R8s and one R8R, a total of 8 coins, 14.28%,

Lincolnshire three R8s and two R8Rs a total of 5 coins 8.92%,

Leicestershire two R8s 3.57%,

London one R8 1.78%,

North Yorkshire one R8 1.78%,

Hampshire one R8 1.78%,

There were 15 coins with no find spot given.




In chart below the R8 sceatta are in black type, the R8R are in Red.

Below are two charts showing Find Spots by Rune Type

R8 Sceatta are in Black. R8R Sceatta are in Red

Extra coins have been added to these charts below since the original survey.


In the above chart, added in 2019, the largest group of coins by Rune type was the "EPA" group, 17 coins. The "EA" group number was 12, the "+EA" group numbered 11 and the "ER" group consisted of 7 coins.

Looking at Find Spots the "EPA" group finds were fairly equally divided between Norfolk 6 coins and Suffolk 4 coins. The "EA" group had 5 coins from Cambridge, 4 coins from Norfolk and one from Suffolk. The "+EA" group had 5 coins found in Norfolk and 4 found in Suffolk. The largest number of R8 sceatta found in one County was 22 coins from Norfolk, Suffolk had 10 finds and Cambridgeshire 9.